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Published 1/18/2010 | Updated 1/18/2010

We think it is self-evident that contraception should be available to all. We think that women in other countries should be able to get an abortion in Sweden if it is illegal in their own country. We think that everyone in the world should have the right to decide over their own body and with whom, how and when they have sex. RFSU works with both development projects around the world and on sexual information in Sweden. We talk to both the UN and high school teachers. If you think like we do, join us and help. Through RFSU, you can have an impact.

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Dare to question

Please contact us if you would like to know more about sex, the body and soul, our view of abortions, contraception, pornography or prostitution. We...


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As a member of RFSU, you support the work for a more loving, democratic and equal society. For SEK 150 per year, you will receive the Ottar magazine...

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When you purchase our products, you receive a safe, high-quality product – and you also help our non-profit work. Thanks to the sale of condoms, sex...

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Would you like to talk to young people about sexuality and relationships from time to time, in school or during campaigns? Then you should become an...

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