Published 1/18/2010 | Updated 4/23/2012


RFSU Ltd is the market leader in the Nordic region (75%) with an outspoken, strong social engagement and the surplus of the sales goes to the owner RFSU.

RFSU Ltd’s business idea is to give men and women a more pleasurable and safe sex life, resulting in a better quality of life, by offering top quality products.

Our profit provide resources for our owners, RFSU (The Swedish Association for Sexual Education) enabling them to carry out information on issues concerning sexual education.

The company tests, packs, markets and sells many different condoms. All products are of highest quality, they are both safe and thin and every product has a unique advantage. There is a condom for every need. In addition to condoms, RFSU Ltd also sells e.g. lubricants, intimate care products (e.g. intimate shaving gel and after shave), home test kits (e.g. pregnancy tests), and sexual aids (e.g. dildos and vibrators). Our products are sold in several European countries through own subsidiaries and agents. You can find the products in for example food stores, pharmacies, gas stations, on the web and kiosks.

RFSU Ltd’s success factors are:

  • Unique concept
  • Unique quality
  • Unique Product range
  • Unique Marketing
  • Courage

RFSU Ltd was the first company world wide to develop methods for testing condoms. Our own quality norm (the RFSU norm) has even more stringent demands then the ISO standard. Today, RFSU has its own accredited laboratory. Quality is our “second brand”.

RFSU Ltd has an outstanding position in all four Nordic countries. We have excellent contacts with all type of trade channels and high consumer insights. We have over 75 years of experience.

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