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This is RFSU

RFSU stands for condoms and other products, sexual information, advocacy, sexual policies, clinics, information provision in schools and much more....

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100% social responsibility

Today there are many companies that want to take social responsibility, for example by making their activities more environmentally-friendly or...

Woman talking abort sex

Talking about sex and relationships

RFSU are experts in sexuality and have long dared to say what nobody else will say. One of our most important tasks is to disseminate knowledge and...

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  • Young girls on Zanzibar

    RFSU in the world

    In many places in the world, access to both contraception and knowledge of sexuality is poor. In particular, poor people, women, young people and...

    At the reception of the clinic

    Clinic – for body & soul

    The RFSU clinic at Medborgarplatsen in central Stockholm offers testing and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, advice and therapy. It is...

  • Women on bench

    RFSU for women

    Every minute one woman in the world dies as a result of pregnancy. Many die from infections following illegal abortions or complications from...

    Condom testing

    You can’t get any safer

    When you see RFSU on a product – whether it is a condom, a sex toy or a home pregnancy test – you can be assured of the quality. Our standard for...

  • Illustration, två personer som kramas

    We take future generations into account

    RFSU will contribute to sustainable development for the current and future generations, both from a local and global perspective. All employees try...

    Bild på lagbok

    We impose requirements

    Our code of conduct is part of our purchase terms that all our main suppliers must sign up to. The working rights legislation in our production...

Our responsibility – to change lives

Changing and improving people’s lives has been the driving force for RFSU from the very start, and it still is. Through sex information, education and advocacy, we can overcome prejudices, bridge the knowledge gap and improve sexual health, both in Sweden and internationally. Safe contraception, legal abortions and sex on one’s own terms can still not be taken for granted everywhere. When you purchase our products, become a member or partner, or support the work of RFSU in some other way, you are helping to contribute to continued changes in people’s lives.