Masturbation – a hands-on guide

Published 8/30/2010 | Updated 8/14/2013

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Most people who have explored their body soon discover that touching may cause sexual arousal and pleasurable sensations. This guide contains a suggestions on how to masturbate.

Author: Jack Lukkerz & RFSU
Year: 2010 (first edition 2009, in Swedish)


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Term for female masturbation

Said: Sue 12/6/2014 12:02:02 AM

female self arousal
the etymology of masturbation is unclear and several conjectures exist, however since masturbation seems to satisfy the "master", perhaps the word for the Ms should be "missurbation"

Said: Graham Starkey 12/5/2014 12:39:31 AM

female masturbation name
Latin word for self: ipse
Latin word for pleasure (there are lots): delectatio, delicium, collibet, conlibet, dilectio, jucunditas, lubido

I personally like “ipse lubido”

Said: Marie from Melbourne 11/29/2014 3:38:19 AM


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