YMEP Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Zambia

Published 1/11/2010 | Updated 9/21/2011

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Young boys

YMEP was a project in Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda and Kenya that aimed to reach out to boys and young men between the ages of 10-24 with information concerning sexual and reproductive health and rights. Young men play a deciding role in the spread of information about sexuality and the fight against HIV and AIDS. The goal of YMEP was to strengthen educational services in connection with equality and sexual and reproductive health, to get more people to seek advice, or get tested for HIV and to involve young men in HIV preventive work. An additional long-term goal was to decrease the occurrence of sexual violence.

The final result was an increase in the demand for sexuality education in clinics, communication and relations between the sexes improved, the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases and teenage pregnancies decreased and fewer cases of rape were reported.

The film "Talking about sex"

It is possible to change outdated gender roles. The short film Talking about sex introduces you to men and boys who have reconsidered sexist beliefs as a result of participating in the project Young Men as Equal Partners, YMEP. The idea of YMEP is to achieve better sexual health and improve women's standing through changing the attitudes of those who make the decisions – men, that is.


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Young boys

Young Men As Equal Partners

A project in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Zambia. See the film Talking about sex on-line now.

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