Published 1/12/2015 | Updated 1/12/2015

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RFSU supports four organisations in Ghana which are all working to increase SRHR knowledge among young people.

Youth Harvest Foundation Ghana is an organisation in Bolgatanga in northern Ghana. The organisation works to strengthen young people’s capacity to break free from poverty by providing education and entrepreneurial training. RFSU supports YFHG in their efforts to improve the access to information on SRHR and the rights of young people between 10-19 years. The organisation trains teachers and creates dialogue with local decision-makers and parents. YFHG also provides sexuality education for students as well as for young people who do not attend school.

Northern Sector Action on Awareness, NORSAAC, works in Tamale which is also located in the north of Ghana. RFSU supports NORSAAC in their work for improved SRHR in northern Ghana through education, information-sharing and advocacy. A main goal of the organisation is for young people to know their rights and through this awareness create channels to change their situation.

Savana Signatures is an organisation in Tamale working with communication and the Internet to strengthen young people’s ability to break free from poverty. The project that RFSU supports is a computer-based sexual education programme for students. The students participate in these interactive classes and then get to discuss what they learned in the classroom. Savana also works with local health clinics in order to ensure that young people have access to the services provided.


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