Dialogue for Change

Published 2/11/2011 | Updated 9/10/2012

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The material Dialogue for Change aims to strengthen the impact of Sweden’s SRHR policy by increasing the focus on communication and dialogue. Its point of departure is a rights-based perspective and approach that emphasises development and poverty reduction, but the material can also be used in many different political and policy contexts where discussions on people’s circumstances and living conditions take place.

RFSU has developed the material in close collaboration with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Sida (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency). It is intended for all staff in the Government Offices of Sweden, Sida and at all Swedish embassies and missions abroad.

Issues surrounding sexual and reproductive health and rights are often controversial, which means that it can be difficult to discuss them at the highest political level. Representatives of Sweden need to help change this by being able to demonstrate that SRHR in fact comprises a body of quite central foreign policy issues.

The material is available in English, Swedish, French and Spanish.


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Dialogue for Change


Reference materials in support of policy dialogue on sexual and reproductive health and rights. Available in English, Swedish, French and Spanish.