Proudly presenting a new contraceptive: Gubbelax

Published 9/25/2015 | Updated 10/27/2015

Gubbelax* is a pill that will cure persons of power from contraceptive phobia and abuse of power. Access to contraceptives are important for fulfillment of human rights and development, but lack of resources and political will stand in the way of reaching people living in poverty.

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More than 222 million women in the world lack access to contraceptives and the consequences are severe. One woman dies every minute due to complications during a pregnancy or delivery.

79.000 lives could be saved every year with access to contraceptives because of reductions in maternal mortality rates, says Maria Andersson, Executive Director of RFSU, The Swedish Association for Sexuality Education. Political will and resources are necessary to change the present situation, and that is why we have developed Gubbelax.

Gubbelax will help them to make the right decisions, Maria Andersson continues.

Every day 150.000 young women become pregnant unintendedly, which often mean they find it difficult to stay in school and as a consequence, get a decent job and earn their own income.

It’s the World Contraception Day on September the 26th and RFSU will hand out Gubbelax in the streets of several Swedish cities.

Contact: Communication Director Carl Osvald,

*Language note: "Gubbelax" refers to the Swedish word "gubbe", which could simply be translated as "older men" but often also means "older men who think they are constantly right".


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