Sex and Relations


Published 4/14/2011 | Updated 2/5/2013

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What is ballsache? How many sperm does a healthy man produce per day? Is bent erection to the left common? Get the answers in Dicktionary written by...

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What is a "female squirt orgasm"? Did you know that the clitoris has something called cruras? What function does the pelvic floor muscles have...

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A guide to clitoral sex

For most girls and women, the clitoris is the most important body part in terms of sexual pleasure. Pocket sized folder giving you facts and...

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Condoms – a user guide

Pocket sized folder giving you ten penis facts with implications for condom use. Author: Hans Olsson.Published: 2008 (first edition published, in...

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Vagnial Corona

The mythical status of the hymen has caused far too much harm for far too long. Last spring, RFSU published an information booklet in Swedish...


Masturbation – a hands-on guide

Most people who have explored their body soon discover that touching may cause sexual arousal and pleasurable sensations. This guide contains a...

English translation out now

This booklet is written by RFSU and it’s about sexual feelings and what you can do when caressing, making out, masturbating or having intercourse with someone.

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