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Can I get pregnant during my period?

Published 1/10/2010 | Updated 1/10/2010

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I have a question. My boyfriend came inside me yesterday, but I was on my period. Can I get pregnant?

It’s unlikely that you will become pregnant. The window for becoming pregnant is in the days around ovulation. If you normally have a regular menstruation cycle of around 25-28 days, you’ll ovulate (the time when conception takes place) two weeks before the first day of your next period. Since you had sex during your period, the risk is small, but it is certainly not zero. The risk also increases if you were nearer the end of your period, since that brings you closer to the estimated ovulation. My advice is to wait and see whether your next period appears as normal. If not, you can buy a pregnancy test kit or contact a gynaecological clinic for testing.


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