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Can a boy tell that a girl is not a virgin?

Published 1/10/2010 | Updated 1/10/2010

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Can a boy tell that a girl is not a virgin?

No, a boy can’t tell whether a girl is a virgin. It is a myth that the first time always causes bleeding and pain and that the boy can know if the girl is a virgin. What a girl has is a collar of membrane called the vaginal corona or hymen around the vaginal wall, at the entrance to the vagina, and it doesn’t disappear after sex. It stays there for life. The vaginal corona varies in appearance and elasticity. What can cause a girl to bleed is when her vaginal corona has developed in such a way that the membrane is stretched out a little more in some places than others and that can cause the odd blood vessel to burst. This quickly clears up within a day or so.


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