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Give me information on anal sex!

Published 1/10/2010 | Updated 1/10/2010

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We would like some information on anal sex. Is it dangerous? What do you do? What should you bear in mind?

You should take your time with anal sex, preferably sliding in a couple of fingers to expand the anus first, before having sex. You can then slide in the penis gradually and stop before sliding it in a bit further. This allows the anus to gradually stretch, reducing the risk of unwanted pain. Let the person being penetrated decide the pace. As there is practically no natural lubrication in the anus/rectum, it’s important to use an artificial lubricant. It’s also important to use a condom, for reasons both of hygiene and protection against infection. Remember not to penetrate the anus and then the vagina without changing the condom or cleaning the penis/dildo, otherwise this could lead to a genital infection. Anal sex doesn’t necessarily have to mean penetration. It can be a matter of stimulation with a finger or two, or “rimming”, which involves licking your partner around the anus.


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