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Some questions regarding trans

Published 1/10/2010 | Updated 1/10/2010

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I want to ask a few questions on behalf of a friend who doesn’t feel comfortable in a man’s body. What happens with a man’s sperm production if he’s thinking of changing sex and becoming a woman after an operation? Can he still get aroused and have an orgasm? What happens with the feelings in his own body? I have heard that transsexuals don’t feel good. Is that true? I hope you can answer this.

A person who is transsexual can undergo gender reassignment, a process that involves having an operation, adapting the body to the gender you feel you really are. As part of this process the testicles are removed, if you are born biologically a man but feel that you are a woman. Sperm production stops with this act.

A person can always become aroused as arousal takes place in the brain. Even after gender reassignment, it is still possible to have an orgasm, because this too takes place in the brain. An orgasm is not the same as ejaculation. That takes place in the penis, but does usually occur in conjunction with the orgasm in the brain. The genitals are changed and the ability to orgasm can change, but many people are still able to have an orgasm. The penis is not removed completely. The head remains and is reshaped into a clitoris and sort of “turned inside out” to create a vagina. The ability to have an ejaculation does disappear, but people who feel that they are a woman may well not miss or want functions that only a man has, such as ejaculation.

As for feelings, only those who have gone through gender reassignment can really answer that, but the majority are happy and glad to make their body complete. Some may of course become unhappy for all sorts of reasons. But because the reassignment process is long and because the transsexual himself or herself has to be in the driving seat, a bad reaction is rare.


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