Sexuality Education

Published 1/9/2010 | Updated 2/2/2010

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Sexuality education is necessary, not only for helping young people understand themselves better and make informed decisions concerning sex and relationships, but also to counteract myths and false attitudes toward sexuality. Quality sexuality education aims to prevent sexual harassment, violence, and the discrimination of LGBT-persons and people that live with HIV/AIDS. Also, a quality sexuality education addresses current issues that are based on young people’s realities. It supports them in making personal choices, and respecting others in relation to intimacy and sex.

Sexuality education has been compulsory in Sweden since 1955. Despite this, the subject has not been compulsory for those studying to become teachers. A survey that RFSU carried out in 2004 showed that only six percent of those studying to become teachers had received some form of sexuality education. In response, RFSU is working to make sexuality and relationship education a compulsory element of coursework for those studying to become teachers.


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how we can set an appointment with an specialist in your center and how much does it cost?
I would like to know, how can I set an appointment with an specialist in your center and also to know how much it costs?
Best Regards,

Said: girl 8/19/2016 1:24:05 PM

Falsely Accused Of Child Molestation
16 years ago,my niece of 3 years,had Clitoral Awareness via self exploration and exposed herself / indicated her clitoris to her mother.Her mother(my sister)pointed the finger at me,thinking that I "molested/instructed" her daughter!!!My sis had Clitoral awareness at 17 years,not educated to know that Clitoral Awareness comes naturally,earlier and earlier these days.

Said: carla 12/19/2011 8:59:32 PM

Knowledge to youth for better understanding about sex and relationship
I agree with the sexual education. About to give knowledge to youth and also provide chances to elders to better understand the relationships and different disease on health point of view.

Said: Muhammad Naeem Faisal 9/23/2010 12:15:28 AM


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