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Local Branches

RFSU has nineteen local branches spread all over the country. Some are quite small, engaging a handful devoted members, others are rather large organisations with their own employees. Our local branches are organizational units in their own right.

Our members

Being a non-profit organisation, our members are very important to us. The volunteers/members work locally with peer-education and sexuality education in schools. Other activities are seminars, movie nights, advocacy towards local MPs and local media. They also work with STI prevention, handing out free condoms and discussing questions regarding sexuality during various kinds of events such as festivals.

Towards a stronger organisation

A big challenge for the organization is an initiative from the Congress to strengthen RFSU locally. The creation of new local branches throughout Sweden is one step towards an even stronger RFSU. We are also working hard to engage new individual members and involve them in RFSU’s important work locally, nationally and internationally.