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The RFSU Clinic

The RFSU Clinic offers people of all age groups contraception counseling and the prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

It is one of the few places in Sweden where people with problems related to sexuality can seek advice and therapy. It also provides an environment where new methods for working with issues related to sexual and reproductive health and rights can be tried.

The RFSU Clinic is located in central Stockholm, in the same building as the RFSU headquarters. The clinic is an organisational unit in its own right, and is open throughout the year, during both daytime and evenings.

The clinic has permanent and consultant staff, consisting of a senior physician, midwives, nurses, secretaries and psychotherapists. Its consultants also work within Stockholm County Council's healthcare system, which allows the clinic to benefit from their experiences of public healthcare, whilst spreading RFSU's approaches to sexual issues to other parts of the community.

The RFSU Clinic has three orientations:

- Contraception counselling and STI prevention.

- Sexual counselling and psychotherapy.

- Outreach and education.

The RFSU Clinic has always been a pioneer in the field of sexuality, and the focus of clinical activities changes constantly in response to the shifting needs of the community.

A considerable amount of work is conducted in the form of programmes. Initiatives often come from staff members, who identify needs among the people they are advising. Experiences gained from these programmes are often transformed into educational packages or courses for healthcare personnel. The programmes are evaluated and documented in articles, pamphlets and books, and often translated into several languages.

The medical section of the Clinic works in close collaboration with its counselling/psychotherapeutic counterpart. Many programmes are performed jointly.