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How we work

RFSU’s efforts are comprised of education and capacity building work through the support of partner organisations that manage projects locally.

RFSU is largley financed by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, Sida, and fundraising. RFSU’s own fundraising efforts make up 10 percent, approximately 2.5 million SEK per year, of the total framework budget (i.e. the programmes financed by Sida).

Since RFSU strives for equality within society, this aim must also be reflected in our cooperation with partner organisations. To achieve our vision, RFSU works in the following fields:


An important element of international efforts is to strengthen advocacy work and political will in order to increase commitment for issues related to SRHR throughout society. The target group is mainly decision makers and professionals within the fields of health and foreign aid in Sweden, but also in the EU and other international bodies.


RFSU strives to inform the general public about SRHR related assistance and aid. Members and sympathisers are also continuously informed about our operations: what RFSU works with, and why, as well as the results we achieve.

Cooperation with civil society

Supporting organisations within civil society is an important part of the effort to decrease poverty and increase democracy throughout the world. RFSU cooperates with democratic organisations that work actively with both women and men as well as marginalised groups such as LGBT-persons, young people, people with disabilities and those who are HIV positive. It is crucial to give marginalised groups the opportunity to act as decision makers and not just target groups that are to be provided with information. Thereto, it is pertinent that work with organisations in other countries is based on a mutual partnership where common goals are developed in collaboration. Partnerships are never initiated with political parties or private companies.

Capacity building and support

Our partners often express a need for both economic resources and training. With more than twenty years of international work with SRHR issues RFSU has well-established expertise working with education, organisational development and economic aid. RFSU offers a partnership that contains the prerequisites for successful initiatives that are built on the basis of current needs and conditions. The projects are focused on HIV and STI prevention, the sexuality and health of adolescents, sexual and gender based violence, access to safe abortions, the prevention of maternal mortality and the inclusion of organisations that work with LGBT-persons.