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In Uganda the YMEP programme is implemented in three districts: Bushenyi, Arua and Hoima.

Uganda has a young population – 52 percent of its inhabitants are under fifteen years of age. The fertility rate is 6.5 and the median age at the time of marriage is just over 17 years. The maternal mortality rate is 435 out of 100,000 live births.

For more information, read our YMEP survey focusing on 10-24 year-olds from Arua, Bushenyi, and Hoima Districts in Uganda or the YMEP survey which focuses on female youth in project areas of Hoima and Bushenyi disctrics.




RHU Bushenyi branch
Plot 5, Liberation road (next to Bushenyi football field)

Mr. Karamuzi Stephen
Site Coordinator

e-mail: fpaubushenyi@yahoo.com 


RHU Hoima branch
Plot 6 & 7, Butyaba Close 
(next to Kolping Butyaba road)

Mr. Justine Iranya
Site Coordinator

e-mail: hoimafpau@yahoo.com



RHU Arua branch
Plot 49A, Municipal Close (behind the prime minister's office/refugee desk

Ms. Doreen Buatru
Site Coordinator

e-mail: fpauarua@yahoo.com