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YMEP: Zambia

YMEP is being implemented in five sites in Choma District, a rural town along the railway about 300 kilometers from Lusaka, the capital. The estimated population in Choma is 34 000.

These are the five Choma sites:

  • Choma Central
  • Masuku (91 km east of Choma)
  • Batoka (30 km north of Choma)
  • Mapanza (75 km west of Choma)
  • Mbabala (30 km west of Choma)

Choma has a number of primary schools and a few high schools. Choma Central has five primary schools, four high schools and one trade institute including three public health centers and one general hospital. The other sites each have a health centre and a number of primary schools. Masuku and Mapanza both have high schools.

The SRH (sexual and reproductive health) situation is a bit fragile. Despite the fact that many have accessed information on prevention (STI and HIV/AIDS), behaviour change is still low. This means that young people’s lives are in danger. However, YMEP is trying hard, through its activities, to be vigorous in the dissemination of SRH information for behaviour change.

In Choma, a great deal of women’s reproductive health depends on decisions made by their male partners. A baseline-line study showed that there appeared to be a positive attitude among young men to change gender roles in favour of more equality between men and women. Another observation was that young men had more unmet needs for information regarding SRH compared to adult men. The involvement of (young) men was therefore seen to benefit women’s sexual and reproductive health in Choma, as well as young men's sexual and reproductive health.

With the coming of the second phase of YMEP we hope to see improvement in the promotion of sexual and reproductive health of young men.


Ms. Judy Zenobia Ng’ombe
Project Coordinator

Mr. Edgar Simbeye
Assistant Project Coordinator 

P.O. BOX 630047 
Butala House
Zambia State Insurance Building 
Choma, Zambia