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Read about our different projects and partnerships in Bolivia.

During 2010-2013, RFSU has worked with two organisations in Bolivia: Católicas por el Derecho de Decidir (CDD) and CIES – Salud Sexual y Reproductiva. In 2014 RFSU also partnered with three additional organisations: ADESPROC, Colectivo Rebeldía and Asambleas del Feminismo Comunitario.

Asamblea del Feminismo Comunitario (AFC) was founded in 2003 and is a strong and well-established social feminist movement involving indigenous women. The organisation works for the autonomy, decolonization and “depatriarcate” of women bodies, which is closely related to the full exercise of sexual and reproductive rights. The AFC uses different strategies for its work: political training of women, advocacy activities, safe house for women who experience GBV and production and dissemination of knowledge. 

ADESPROC Libertad was established in 2000 and is now the largest LGBT organisation in Bolivia. The organisation works with the empowerment of local communities and advocacy on gender diversity and gay marriage. ADESPROC also has a small culture centre with a library for studies, research and sharing of information. The organisation has many networks and is frequently invited to trainings, consultancies and workshops. ADESPROC also works closely with the Ministry of Health. A main purpose of ADESPROC is to prevent discrimination of LGBT people in institutional settings such as the police, the army and churches. 

Colectivo Rebeldía (CR) is an activist organisation with a clear feminist perspective. The organisation fights for women's right to make autonomous decisions about their sexuality and reproduction. CR is also one of the founders of the September 28 Campaign for the decriminalization of abortion, and is an active member of the National Coalition for Sexual and Reproductive Rights (Mesa Nacional). The purpose of CR’s project is to encourgae women of indigenous, urban and suburban organisations in the department of Santa Cruz to demand and suggest proposals that guarantee the exercise of their SRHR. 

CIES – Salud Sexual y Reproductiva aims to increase access to comprehensive sexuality education in primary school settings as well as providing youth-friendly health services in the area of SRHR. The organisation also seeks to strengthen the capacity of the education sector on sexuality education, particularly the Ministry of Education in developing the national plan and sexuality education curriculum. RFSU has vast experience of sexuality education and advocacy on school curricula, which provides a good basis for a strong partnership and capacity building.

CDD - Católicas por el Derecho a Decidir works to improve access to safe and legal abortion in Bolivia by advocating for enhanced implementation of the existing legislation and decriminalization of abortions. With its strong commitment to safe and legal abortions, strategic access to decision-makers as well as grass-roots organisations and strong advocacy skills, CDD is a leading advocate for the right to safe and legal abortion in Bolivia. 

CIES - Salud Sexual y Reproductiva