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Values and goals

RFSU’s view is that SRHR should be accessible for all individuals, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, age, financial status, disabilities, HIV status or location in the world.

This vision includes RFSU’s three freedoms: all peoples right to the freedom to choose, enjoy and be oneself. Accordingly, RFSU upholds an unprejudiced and open view of sexual issues as well as a gender and rights perspective.

Gender perspective

Using a gender perspective we point out that norms based on gender restrict people’s ability to take actions and control their own lives. Sexual preference, gender identity/expression and material poverty can directly affect ones access to power, health and individual choice.  Throughout the world, men usually have more power than women over – politics, their own lives and their sexuality. Thus, men, as well as women, must work together to change this reality. 

Human right perspective

With a human rights perspective RFSU considers certain fundamental rights to be a precondition for the freedom to exist, choose, enjoy and have access to information and healthcare. These rights are described and developed in various conventions and declarations and concern every individual. In our efforts we promote and follow-up on how these rights are realized through policies and legislation.

Rights and knowledge

We see rights and knowledge as the basis for people’s ability to live in freedom and to make personal choices. SRHR increases the possibility for individuals to realise their rights and is a precondition for the development of individuals and communities. Thereby, SRHR contributes to a decrease in both poverty and discrimination.