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Half of the population in Georgia lives on less than 2 dollars a day, and access to sexual and reproductive health is limited.

Nonetheless, abortion is legal and Georgia was the first country in the South Caucasus to decriminalize homosexuality. But the Orthodox Church has a strong influence over society, and discrimination against LGBTQ people is widespread and access to sexuality education is very limited.

RFSU works with eight organisations in Georgia.

Centre for Counselling on Reproductive Health, Tanadgoma

works with various parameters and aspects of SRHR. These include working for sexuality education in schools, advocating for LGBT rights, supporting and advocating for people living with HIV (PLWHIV). Tanadgoma has offices in five major regions, covering almost all parts of the country.

Hera XXI 

was strategically chosen as a partner with the purpose of creating sustainable change in the field of SRHR in Georgia. Hera XXI is a member association of IPPF and RFSU's sister organisation, with values and a mission in line with RFSU's. The project aims to advocate for women’s reproductive rights and access to safe abortion. 

Human rights education and monitoring center (EMC)

is a human rights organization in Georgia. They document human rights violations, create awareness and influence public opinion about rights and discrimination, and work to promote the rights of the most vulnerable groups. Through collaboration with RFSU, EMC will work to create an environment free of violence and discrimination for LGBT people.

Equality Movement

was formed to give voice to the LGBTQ movement in Georgia, and works with a rights-based approach to strengthen LGBTQ people by providing social and legal support.

Women's Initiative Support Group (WISG)

has been working for the rights of gay women and transgender people for many years. Through various activities such as discussion meetings, film screenings and workshops, they support the target group and give them a safe place to meet.

Women's Fund in Georgia (WFG)

WFG want women, girls and transgender people to live in a safe, equal and free environment. WFG's mission is to make girls and women more active and strengthen women’s movement. Through collaboration with RFSU, WFG is working to advance SRHR in local and national agendas.

Georgian Democracy Initiative (GDI)

GDI is committed to defending human rights, expanding inclusive society and promoting tolerance, strengthening democratic reforms and advancing the rule of law and enhancing transparency and accountability of public institutions. Through collaboration with RFSU, GDI is working to promote tolerance and gender equality through Civic Education.

Partnership for Human Rights (PHR)

PHR's mission is to protect the rights of people with disabilities, women, children, elderly and of other vulnerable groups; to prevent human rights violations and monitor duty-bearers' action. Through collaboration with RFSU, PHR supports women with disabilities in being (to be), doing (to choose and enjoy) and becoming independent.