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RFSU supports four organisations in Ghana which are all working to increase SRHR knowledge among young people.

Abortion is legal in Ghana under certain circumstances but access is very limited due to lack of information on its legal status, a poor health system, and stigma. Homosexuality is illegal and sexuality education is very limited.

Youth Harvest Foundation Ghana 

is an organisation in Bolgatanga in northern Ghana. The organisation works to strengthen young people’s capacity to break free from poverty by providing education and entrepreneurial training. RFSU supports YFHG in their efforts to improve the access to information on SRHR and the rights of young people between 10-19 years. The organisation trains teachers and creates dialogue with local decision-makers and parents. YFHG also provides sexuality education for students as well as for young people who do not attend school.

Curious Minds

is an organization run by young people. It has many volunteers and good contacts with the government and other organizations. With RFSU's support, they will, with the help of innovative communication strategies, lift the right to abortion.

Planned Parenthood Association Ghana (PPAG)

is the oldest civil society organization in the country and a member of the IPPF. It was initially formed to provide contraceptive advice, but has expanded to also offer maternal and child care, testing for STDs and advice on, for example, erectile dysfunction. With the help of RFSU, the organization wants to expand its work on the right and access to abortion, and reduce the stigma around this.

Masi Media

The founders of Masia Media have run the blog "Adventures from the bedroom of African Women" since 2009 which has become a platform on sexuality with a focus on female sexuality and lust. RFSU began collaborating with Masi Media 2020 and supports activists to empower African women in their sexuality. They have expanded their business with progressive content with the help of a blog, live broadcasts, social media and podcasts.