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A broad alliance of participants is necessary for driving issues forward. Read about some of the organisations we cooperate with.

An important element of advocacy work is cooperating with others. This can include collaborating with organisations, administrative authorities, parliamentarians, youth organisations, UN bodies, European parliamentarians, and grass roots activists.

International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF)

RFSU helped to found IPPF in the 1950’s. IPPF is an umbrella organisation that brings together SRHR organisations throughout the world. Their main office is in London and there are regional offices worldwide. IPPF and its member organisations are active in almost every country. They offer sexual and reproductive health services, the development of methods, advocacy building, and the spread of knowledge concerning sexuality related issues. As a Swedish IPPF member, RFSU works together with local IPPF organisations in different countries as well as with the regional offices on global and European advocacy initiatives.


The 09-Network was founded in 2007 and consists of nine Swedish organisations.* The goal of the network is to advocate SRHR as an important issue during the Swedish EU presidency in 2009. During the Swedish EU Presidency the 09-Network arranged seminars, debates and conferences to draw attention to SRHR issues.* The network is a coalition of RFSU, Afrikagrupperna (Africa Groups of Sweden), RFSL, Kvinna till Kvinna (Woman to Woman), Amnesty International, RFSL Ungdom (RFSL Youth), Forum Syd (Forum South), Svalorna Latinamerika (Svalorna Latin America) and Sveriges Kvinnojourers Riksförbund (Sweden’s National Organisation for Women’s Shelters).

The SRHR-Group

Within the Swedish government there is a cross-political group that has worked with SRHR issues since 2000. Today the group focuses on international issues. RFSU maintains close contact with this group in order to provide information, discussion topics and activity ideas such as seminars about maternal mortality.


RFSU also cooperates with the European youth organisation YouAct. YouAct is a non-profit organisation with young people from eleven different European countries that work to promote sexual and reproductive rights in Europe and throughout the world. YouAct is based in London where their coordinators arrange workshops, seminars, and engage young decision makers in different countries. Among other things, they have created a Youth Charter, which functions as a guideline for working with young European’s sexual and reproductive health.


RFSU is also a member of Concord Sweden (concord.se), which is the Swedish platform for the larger foreign aid network Concord Europe. Concord Sweden has created a group of close to 1,600 foreign aid organisations from different EU countries that works collectively to influence the EU’s foreign aid initiatives.

Countdown 2015 Europe

RFSU is also part of a network called Countdown 2015 Europe which strives to increase EU aid for contraception, condoms, and related resources. The goal is to ensure that every person has access to counselling and information in order to protect them from unwanted pregnancy as well as supplying the resources needed to provide safe abortions, safe childbirth and HIV-medicine.

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