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Stroller March against maternal mortality

Join us and march for pregnant people in Afghanistan on May 19th-24th 2022.

Maternal mortality is a silent disaster that claims hundreds of human lives every day. In Afghanistan, giving birth is becoming increasingly dangerous. Under the Taliban, women’s rights issues are silenced and the nation’s maternity care is at stake. Help us break the silence and spotlight the need for help and support for pregnant women in Afghanistan.

Your voice is important and together we can dial up the pressure for change.

This is how you can show your support

Take part in the Stroller March against maternal mortality with us

Planned places for the Stroller March 19-24 May 2022

Show your support digitally

The campaign site opens on May 19th and here you can create your own march and count your steps. The more people who join and the more steps we take, the more we can turn up the pressure for change.

Important facts about Afghanistan and maternal mortality

Afghanistan has one of the highest rates of maternal mortality in the world. Every two hours, a woman dies of complications related to pregnancy, delivery or unsafe abortion.

There are only 4 000 midwives in a country of 39 million people.

Today Afghanistan is in a humanitarian crisis and its entire health care system is at risk of total collapse. This has escalated since the Taliban took over in 2021 and international aid was withdrawn.

It is possible to reduce maternal mortality. Despite challenges, Afghanistan has managed to halve the number of deaths in two decades, thanks to initiatives in fields such as maternity care.

What is the Stroller March?

Since 2010, the Stroller March has brought together tens of thousands of people all over Sweden to stop maternal mortality in the world. It has become a popular movement thanks to everyone’s participation.

This year we are marching with passionate individuals, Médecins Sans Frontières, MSF, and the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan, SCA.

Is it really possible to create change?

Yes! An estimated 9 out of 10 deaths could be prevented with political will and financial resources. Since 1990, maternal mortality has decreased by nearly 40 percent worldwide. Progress is being made, but it is going far too slowly.

By participating in the Stroller March in large numbers, we can show our elected officials that the situation in Afghanistan is an important matter that must not be forgotten. Together we can generate opinion through the support of the people.

Change is possible when people stand up for one another’s rights. This is why it is important for you to take part in the Stroller March.

This is what we want to achieve

We participants in the Stroller March want the Swedish government to work actively to influence the world in the right direction. We want the government to pursue a courageous feminist foreign policy. Sweden has a particularly important role to play to prevent unnecessary suffering and death of women.

Become a member of RFSU and support our work nationally and internationally to reduce maternal mortality, promote SRHR issues and every individual’s right to their own body.