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International SRHR News June 2022

Every month we put together a selection of international SRHR news.


RFSU recently published a position paper on the interconnections between the climate crisis and sexual rights, based on the experiences of several of our partner organisations. The paper was written by Linnea Håkansson and Sara Österlund ahead of Stockholm+50, a UN-meeting that was held in Stockholm in the beginning of June.
Read the position paper here.

Meeting with RFSU partners in Ghana

Ellen Pettersson and Yann Irigoyen from RFSU's Ghana-team recently had the opportunity to visit our seven partners in Ghana: Centre for Popular Education and Human Rights, Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana, Curious Minds, Youth Harvest Foundation Ghana, Masi Media and LGBT+ Rights Ghana.

While visiting Curious Minds’ radio station they recorded an episode about menstrual health on May 28.
Listen to the episode here.

Webinar on abortion decriminalisation

On June 8 RFSU together with partners and allies hosted a webinar on decriminalisation of abortion based on the experiences of Católicas por el Derecho a Decidir (Catholics for the Right to Choose) in Argentina, Colombia and Mexico. 
Watch the recording on YouTube here (turn on the English subtitles if needed).

Media Advocacy Fellowship Space

RFSU's partner organisation Family Planning Association of Sri Lanka (FPA Sri Lanka) recently concluded a media advocacy fellowship programme focused on the role of the media in countering negative stereotypes against queer people and preventing and combating discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and sex characteristics.
Explore the recently launched virtual gallery featuring short movies, comics and art.

RFSU:s partner organisations spoke at the UN

During one week in June, 13 representatives from RFSU’s partner organisations participated at the 50th regular session of the Human Rights Council. Several of them got the opportunity to deliver important statements on issues related to SRHR.
"It was hard work putting together the draft of the statements, but I learned a lot. I was a bit nervous when delivering it, but now I just want to get a chance to do something similar again!" says Festus Ibanda Kisa, from Q-Initiative in Kenya.