Till sidans huvudinnehåll

International SRHR News September 2022

Every month we put together a selection of international SRHR news.

Bi Pride Day

Every year since 1991, Bisexuliaty Day has been celebrated on September 23. This year, we are collecting reflections from bisexual people via this Google Form. Members of RFSU are invited and encouraged to participate! If interested, please submit your story by Tuesday, 20 September. 

International Safe Abortion Day

Each year, on September 28 – International Safe Abortion Day activists around the world take action and speak out for access to safe and legal abortions. We invite you to take part in RFSU’s annual #ståuppföraborträtten campaign, and also in the global campaign by using the 2022 Campaign Toolkit and Resources. You can share this toolkit with your community and mobilize them to take action, too!

RFSU team members in Cambodia, Thailand and Bolivia

Our International Programme Managers and Controllers are visiting different countries to meet with current and potential partner organisations. Below is a picture of Iván and Gamaliel with partners in Bolivia. Many of them are wearing or holding the abortion handkerchief from the abortion green wave movement.