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RFSU Student Uppsala


RFSU Uppsala has a long standing history of educating and spreading awareness about safe and consensual sex, sexuality, gender, relationships and reproductive rights amongst young people. In 2020, RFSU Uppsala started a student group as a new branch. The purpose of the student group is to strengthen the freedom and rights to reproductive and sexual health among students and young adults.

The student group

Do you like meeting new people and talking about sex and relationships? Or are you the type of person who prefers to work “behind the scenes” with strategy and planning? Do you want to engage in questions regarding sexual and reproductive health and rights? This is your chance!

As an active member of RFSU Student Uppsala, you will be invited to meet students in casual settings such as student bars and day time events, to talk about safe sex, condoms, sexually transmitted infections (STI’s), consent, and communication. In the group you will also be able to decide what types of events and projects you would like to arrange. This could for instance be pub quizzes, publishing articles in student magazines, lectures etc.

Who are we looking for? 

We are looking for young adults, preferably students, who want to join us in spreading knowledge and information to students in Uppsala. This is a great opportunity for students who don't speak Swedish to engage in these questions, as this project will reach out to all students in Uppsala, including international students. All meetings and planning are conducted in English

RFSU Student Uppsala
Two of our members at an event. 


How to become a member

To become an active member in our student group you need to:

  • be a member of RFSU
  • be a student/young adult
  • be interested in talking to other students about safer sex and consent
  • participate in our meetings once a month
  • be part of at least two events per semester
  • sign the form below

Join RFSU Student Uppsala

You can register to become a member of RFSU here for a yearly fee of 50/200 kr. If you do not have a Swedish social security number (personnummer) you can email medlem@rfsu.se.

If you want more information about the student volunteer group you can email us at student.uppsala@rfsu.se. You can also follow us on instagram at rfsu_student_uppsala.

Student STI flyer front Student STI flyer back

A flyer with information about STI-testing, created by the student group.