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Work within Sweden

All people should be able to make decisions about their bodies and their sexuality. To make this more than a vision, we need to spread knowledge about the body, consent, relationships and sexuality.

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Spreading knowledge on sex, consent and relationships

RFSU supports schools in conducting comprehensive sexual education and starting conversations on sex, consent and relationships. In 2023, our counsellors met almost 20 000 students in schools all over Sweden!

We also provide teachers with methods and pedagogy. We disseminate our materials among those working in schools, healthcare, student health and social services. We organise conferences for teachers, healthcare professionals and other professionals to spread knowledge about safe, healthy and joyful relationships.

We are present where our target groups are – whether it is at a music festival or online on social channels like Instagram or Tiktok. We also work with new target groups, including newly arrived young people, and women with a migrant background. For example, we provide informative films about bodies and sexuality in 16 different languages. In our important collaboration with Kriminalvården, we meet people in detention and prisons.

Influencing policy by advocacy work

But knowledge is not always enough. In order to reach more people and spread our vision further, we need to influence politics.

RFSU wants to change legislation and make our politicians understand the importance of, and invest more in, sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). We meet important decision-makers, such as MPs and politicians at both national and local level, run political campaigns, write debate articles and speak out as experts.

In 2023 and 2024, our political priorities are:

  • Abortion Rights
  • Sexuality Education
  • Equal Healthcare
  • Defending Civic space
  • Work against honour-based violence and harmful practices