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How we work: RFSU's values and strategies

The mission of RFSU is to contribute to a world in which everyone is free to enjoy and make decisions about their own bodies and sexuality. Here, you can read about the values that guide RFSU and the key strategies it uses to drive change.

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Values that guide RFSU’s work

RFSU operates in a feminist, anti-racist, and norm-critical manner. These values guide RFSU's work.

Sexual and reproductive justice for all

Power structures cut across our societies, interacting with and reinforcing each other. Hierarchies and discrimination can act as barriers to accessing rights. It affects people's freedom to make informed decisions about their bodies, their sexuality, and their relationships.

Desire is at the heart of the matter

RFSU's work is based on the realisation that sexuality is a fundamental aspect of human existence. Sexuality is a positive force in people's lives that affects their well-being and health. The ability to experience desire and enjoyment about oneself and others is central.

Knowledge is power

RFSU believes that knowledge is crucial for everyone to be able to make informed decisions about their bodies and sexuality. Knowledge is also fundamental to creating social change and is a prerequisite for people's ability to organize for their rights alongside others.

Democracy and a free civil society

A free and democratic society is a prerequisite for people to have their sexual and reproductive rights fulfilled. RFSU aims to protect and enhance democratic space and promote a free civil society.

Sustainable societies

In a sustainable society, people have their needs met without compromising the well-being of future generations. For RFSU, it is crucial to integrate sexual and reproductive health and rights into the broader work of sustainable development. 

RFSU's fundamental values are outlined in full in the strategic document The Compass, found here.

RFSU's strategies

RFSU's mission, goals and strategies are described in the strategic framework the Sextant. RFSU uses three key strategies to drive change.

  • Knowledge. RFSU builds knowledge and empowers people to know their bodies, sexuality, and relationships.
  • Mobilisation. RFSU builds public opinion and mobilises people as well as civil society.
  • Advocacy. RFSU contributes to and advocates for laws, frameworks, and systems, and holds duty-bearers accountable.

The operationalisation

RFSU's mission, strategies, and values are operationalised to align with the work of every section of RFSU. For example, RFSU has an international strategy that describes how RFSU's international department aims to contribute to global change.