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The Tanadgoma team working with sexuality education on TikTok, together with a representative from RNW Media.

Tanadgoma’s TikTok sex ed reaches over a million views

In 2023, the Georgian organisation Tanadgoma started doing sexuality education on Tiktok, to reach out with important information where sex is taboo. The organisation can now present its results for 2023 and show great figures.

Tanadgoma's work has been supported by RFSU and the Dutch organisation RNW Media. You may learn more about the project and Tanadgoma's collaboration with RFSU here: Taboo talk on TikTok

1.1 million video views for Taboo Talk

In 2023 the TikTok channel Taboo Talk had 1.1 million video views. It is notable that within just one year of implementation, the channel has received a significant number of views. Videos containing more sensitive content don't always receive as many likes and comments. However, Taboo Talk's videos have been saved or forwarded in private messages by thousands of TikTok users. It is a clear indication that many young people in Georgia are receiving important information through this channel. 

The Tanadgoma TikTok team are pleased with the results. “In summary, when compared to the broader Georgian TikTok community, our steady growth and the viral reach of some of our videos represent a highly successful outcome within our specific TikTok landscape context.”

In 2023, Tanadgoma created 71 videos covering various topics, from sexual harassment to pleasure, all designed by and for young people.

In December, Jacob Brunner (RFSU), Surabhi Srivastava (RNW Media) and Idil Shekh Mohamed (RFSU) did a workshop on digital sexuality education at the Social Innovation in Health Initiative conference, Uppsala University.

Inspiration to others

Tanadgoma's project has earned recognition in different venues. In December, representatives from RFSU and RNW Media presented the Taboo Talk project at the Social Innovation in Health Initiative (SIHI) conference, hosted at Uppsala University. SIHI is a global innovation network. The Taboo Talk project aligns well with the SIHI's objective of promoting long-term and equal health innovations.

With 70 per cent of the world's young people aged 15-24 being online, digital sex education is a crucial and effective way of reaching a broad audience. Tanadgoma is focused on further developing its work on digital sex education in 2024, with the support of RFSU. Social media, particularly in countries and contexts where sexuality is highly stigmatised and surrounded by taboos, is an essential platform for sex education.

Tanadgoma's Taboo Talk has inspired several organisations to undertake similar projects. In 2024, RFSU intends to support other digital sex education initiatives in other countries.

Text: Emma Güntner