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Two Lines = Pregnant. Read and discuss graphic novel about abortion

About the method

The graphic novel Two Lines = Pregnant was created to give young people more information about what an abortion can be like. By reading the story and discussing its contents, the pupils can learn and reflect on what they have read.

About the graphic novel

The preparation  (Women's clinic doors)  (Julia is sitting in a chair next to the midwife at the women's clinic.) Midwife: This pill prepares your body for the abortion Midwife: When you take this, you should be confident in your decision Julia: Okay Midwife: Are you entirely sure? Julia: Yes
Scroll down to read or download the graphic novel Two Lines = Pregnant.

The graphic novel Two Lines = Pregnant was created by Julia Hansen and published by RFSU. It contains Julia’s own story about her abortion. The story describes how an abortion is done, from Julia taking her first positive pregnancy test until she takes a new test two weeks after the abortion, which is negative.

How to prepare

Read through the graphic novel Two Lines = Pregnant. You can read the story in your browser or download it at the bottom of this page. There is also a visually interpreted version of Two Lines = Pregnant.

Consider possible questions or follow-up questions you would want to ask the class, beyond the examples given.

What to do

Have the pupils individually read the graphic novel Two Lines = Pregnant. Divide the pupils into groups and have them discuss what they have read. You can use these examples as discussion questions:

  • How did Julia feel when she first found out that she would have to wait several weeks for the abortion?
  • It was an easy decision for Julia to have an abortion. If the decision is difficult, what can make it difficult?
  • How do you feel Julia is treated by the hospital staff? Do you think she feels well cared for? Why, or why not?
  • Do you think Julia’s partner Manuel is supportive enough? How do you think a partner should support someone having an abortion? What support should a partner receive?
  • The graphic novel is about Julia’s experience of the abortion. What do you think Manuel’s story is like? What you think he is feeling?
  • Even though the abortion was difficult for Julia, she was relieved afterwards. Why?
  • Julia is a real person and this is her story. If you were to make up a story about someone who is going to have an abortion, what would it be like?
  • If Julia had lived in a country where abortion was illegal, what do you think she would have felt and done?