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RFSU clinic

RFSU runs a clinic in Stockholm. The clinic is based on a holistic approach to sexual health.

The RFSU clinic offers sexual medicine, psychotherapy and family counseling – all with expertise in sexology. The RFSU clinic serves as a professional knowledge base for RFSU and disseminates knowledge on clinical issues to other actors in health care and to universities and colleges.

Contact the RFSU clinic in Stockholm

Do you want to be tested for STIs or get advice on contraception?

Then you can book your appointment online. You need to have a Swedish e-identification, such as BankID or Freja eID Plus. Book an appointment at the RFSU clinic through 1177 Vårdguiden's e-services (in Swedish)

Do you want to insert an IUD, contraceptive stick or diaphragm?

Then you should call and book an appointment by phone. Book by phone 08-692 07 84, button selection 2.

Telephone counselling on contraception and STDs

Would you like us to give you tips and advice on, for example, contraception, STDs or both? Call our midwives on 08-692 07 84, button 4.

Telephone counselling on sexual issues and problems

Book an appointment for counselling with the RFSU clinic's psychotherapists by calling 08-692 07 84, button 5. 

Book an appointment for counselling at RFSU's family counselling service by calling 08-692 07 97.