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RFSU products

RFSU owns the company RFSU AB. The company offers products within health, body, sex and well-being – for a more pleasurable and safe sex life and a better quality of life.

RFSU AB is a manufacturing company. RFSU products are sold in many places both online and in physical stores including grocery stores, pharmacies, health and beauty stores and convenience stores. The principal market is the Nordic region.

“Every time you buy a product from RFSU, you contribute to spreading information that improves people's lives in the Nordics and the world”

A business that finances non-profit work

Profits from RFSU AB’s sales go to the owners, the National Association for Sexual Information (RFSU). These resources are then used to help spread information nationally and internationally, on sex and cohabitation issues.

That means that every time you buy a product from RFSU, you are helping to spread information that improves people’s lives in the Nordics and around the world.

RFSU AB's business concept

RFSU AB sells high quality products within body, sex and well-being categories. The products aim to provide men and women with a better quality of life, more pleasurable and safer sex life and increased well-being.

Consumer contact

If you have any questions regarding the use of our products, you can contact the RFSU AB customer service by phone +46 (0)8-633 46 00 or by email info@rfsu.com.

Brief facts about RFSU AB

  • The company is fully owned by the National Association for Sexual Education (RFSU), which was founded in 1933.
  • Market leader in condoms in the Nordics through the own brands RFSU and Tunto.
  • Nordic distributor for the American lip balm Carmex.
  • Sells products in the categories of condoms, self-tests, lubricants, intimate care, menopause and pleasure.
  • RFSU AB has subsidiaries in Norway and Finland.
  • The company has its own factory in Sweden where the condoms are tested and packed. There they also run an accredited laboratory that ensures that RFSU AB's condoms maintain the highest quality.

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