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International strategy

This is RFSU’s international strategy for 2022-2025. It provides strategic guidance for decision-making related to RFSU’s international commitments. It operationalises RFSU’s Theory of Change as defined by The Sextant, RFSU’s strategic framework.

The international strategy will help RFSU navigate an ever-changing world and guide its decision-making as it continues to learn and progress. It sets the direction for RFSU’s international programming in low- and middle-income countries, its global policy advocacy; its knowledge and learning; and its initiatives to enhance Swedish public support for SRHR for all. It also gives direction for resource mobilisation, including individual fundraising, institutional funding, and other funding sources.

Throughout our work, RFSU espouses intersectional feminist perspectives, cognisant that people’s experiences and needs related to SRHR differ starkly depending on how they are positioned within intersecting power hierarchies of class, race, gender, ability, nationality and other axes. We also apply the human rights-based approach, conflict sensitivity perspective and the environmental and climate perspective.