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Publikhav på Brännbollsyran i Umeå, en av de festivaler som får besök av Dare to Care i sommar
Foto: Brännbollsyran i Umeå

6 ways to prevent harassment and assault

Would you know what to do if you ended up in a situation where someone was being assaulted or harassed? Read our tips, keep your eyes open and be ready to react!

1. Think it through before it happens

What would you do if you saw something that could be sexual harassment or assault? If you have thought about it in advance, it’s easier to take action in the moment.

2. Be considerate rather than suspicious

Sometimes it’s easier to help the person who’s being harassed instead of focusing on the person who’s doing something wrong.

3. Make contact

Look around - are other people seeing the same thing you’re seeing? Make contact with them so you can help each other take action.

4. Dare to speak up

Is no one else reacting? Take action anyway! You can be the first link in a chain of people who, together, prevent an assault from happening.

5. Interrupt the situation

Do something that creates a distraction. What would happen if you asked an unexpected question or turned off the music? If you know that a sexual assault is going on, obviously you need to do more than that. Fetch a security guard or call the police!

6. It’s never too late

Remember that you can always help afterwards. Make contact with and support the person who’s been harassed or assaulted. Offer to act as a witness if necessary.

Dare to Care: Talk about mutual consent, communication and reciprocity

This list is one of the many tools RFSU uses to prevent sexual harassment and assault in places where lots of people come together. Through the Dare to Care project we aim to make festivals, clubs, concerts and other events safe places where everyone can relax and have fun. RFSU is on site at five different festivals to talk to young people about consent, communication and reciprocity. Keep an eye out for us this summer!